What We Do

What Do Our Grants Help With?

​Here are just a few of the things that our grants have been able to help families with during their difficult journeys:

  • Transport costs

  • Parking fees

  • Bills

  • Food and shopping during hospital stays

  • Support for siblings

  • Equipment and clothes

  • Overnight costs for the family so they can stay near the hospital

Take the first point - Transport costs. You might not think that helping with transport costs is a big deal but the number of miles some families build up is ridiculous!

Take a look a the map. The families Jordan's Weeones help are all travelling to Birmingham for specialist treatments. The nature of the illnesses mean that children have numerous appointments, treatments and surgeries that span over weeks, months and even years. Not all families live in or even near Birmingham so this kind of travel can be a big financial hit on families.  

The same goes for car parking fees, associated overnight stays and food costs for the families, all so they can be close to their child. 

The money we provide makes a huge difference and the more support we can get, the more families we can help. Some of the ways you can support us include: 

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Jordan's Weeones is a registered charity: 1182548 (England & Wales)