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The idea behind Jordan's Weeones came from Jordan herself. She loved the idea of us continuing to support families in her memory. It was something she would discuss at length prior to her passing and is something that we, as a family, are very passionate about making a success of.

The name however, comes from her father Wayne. Wayne would refer to Jordan as his 'Weeone' due to her being 6ft tall and him... not!


Scroll down for a short Timeline and more information about What We Do.​​


Something that no parent or family should ever have to experience happened. Our girl gained her angel wings. Even now, it is hard to find the words to describe the pain and permanent void in our lives but it helps knowing that we are carrying out Jordans' wish and turning her journey into her legacy.


'Jordan's Weeones' formed as a not-for-profit organisation with one of the main aims being to provide help and financial support, where appropriate, to parents that are supporting their children diagnosed with cancer.

We achieved our Charity status! Jordan's Weeones was entered onto the Register of Charities with the Registered Charity Number: 1182548.




We work with Teenage and Young Adult representatives at Hospitals across the East and West Midlands to identify families who have a need for support and offer financial grants to help.

​Below are a few examples of the things our grants could help families with during their difficult journeys:​

- Transport costs

- Parking fees

- Increasing bills

- Food & shopping during hospital stays

- Support for siblings (e.g.childcare)

- Equipment and clothes

- Overnight accommodation costs

If you would like some more information please contact us.

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What We Do

The families Jordan's Weeones support are from all over the UK. The nature and severity of their child's illness mean that they have numerous appointments, treatments and surgeries that span over weeks, months and even years. Not all families live near the hospitals that provide the specialist treatment these children need, so this can be a big financial hit on families. The money we provide makes a huge difference and the more support we can get, the more families we can help. Please take a look at the Support Us page for some of the different ways you can help us. - Wayne (Jordan's Dad)

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