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So, I have written my first book and it is available to purchase by clicking on the link below:


Bereavement, It IS all about YOU.

It is only a short book, but a book nonetheless. It is intended as a companion guide for bereaved parents however it does cross over to all forms of bereavement. 

I have been told that it is an interesting and informative read and I am rather pleased with my first edition. Please let us know your thoughts if you do have a read. 

A massive thank you to those that have already purchased a copy of the book! It really means a lot! 


I really enjoyed this book. It’s heartfelt and I also liked the boys section, so current and relevant! I couldn’t put it down once I started reading it. There are some very helpful tips and insights. I reckon it’s the perfect little companion for any bereaved parent/family whether their grief is recent or not. It did make me cry because you hear the pain and devastation behind your words. Also, because you take us with you as events unfolded, it’s like we are with you and it resonates deeply, in a way that only bereaved families, friends and partners know and share. It’s a big thing to put your feelings out there and to show vulnerability and will definitely help others to open up Xx


- Wendie

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