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Don't Be Afraid To Ask...

This time of year can be the most magical... Christmas full of excitement and the New Year full of hope and new beginnings. It can also be the most upsetting for those who may be struggling with physical or mental health issues.

Having a child with a life-threatening illness, undergoing treatment, hospital stays and isolation can put the best of us to the test and push us to breaking point. Add to this the current restrictions due to the Covid pandemic and you have the recipe for increased mental health issues. For those that have lost someone, especially a child, this can all be increased even further as they try to deal with their loss and navigate their grief. Whilst all those around them celebrate, laugh and smile, exchange gifts and wishes for the New Year, these people may be struggling with the impact of their loss. Struggling with what their future looks like without their loved one or even if they want that future at all!

I can tell you from personal experience that having my daughter undergoing treatment during the festive period certainly put a strain on my sense of well-being and my hopes for a better new year were exaggerated beyond belief. After her passing, especially the first year, the festive period had no meaning to me. I celebrated for the sake of my son but inside I was in more pain than I have words for. The new year was like a punch in the guts. I only had one thing I wished for and I knew it could never come to pass. Brighter future, how? Health and happiness, seriously? How can this ever again be in my world? These are just a few of the things I asked myself, but I was fortunate to have an amazing support system in place and I did, with their help, navigate these awful times.

Whatever your situation and stage of your journey don’t be afraid to ask for help and support...

...from friends, family and professionals such as GP’s or Counselling services. There are also many help lines that can be accessed 24/7 if you just need to talk. Due to the Covid pandemic most of these services can be accessed remotely online via the internet to ensure that those that need support can still get it.

I am not ashamed to say that I had counselling. In fact, I will say that for me personally it was the best thing I ever did! Yes, it was hard to ask for help but I am so glad that I did and would implore anyone struggling to just do it.

To all the families out there I would like to, from all the Jordan’s Weeones team, extend our best wishes to you all. To anyone who may be grieving a loved one at this time, then I have written a short book that you may find helpful, just follow the link below:

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