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From Blogs to Books!

The Jordan's Weeones team would like to congratulate Wayne on taking his writing from Blogs to his first book!! We are all very proud of you! If you would like to order a copy, please CLICK HERE!

Bereavement. It IS all about YOU. by Wayne Berridge.

'I am a bereaved parent, I am not a doctor or psychiatrist, nor do I propose that I am all knowledgeable or that the grief process is easy. What I will say is that grief is your own process and it is down to you how long it takes to navigate dependent on many factors that are unique to you. I believe there is only one rule when it comes to bereavement and that is to be kind to yourself, everything else is down to you.'

'I have been told that it’s an interesting and informative read and I am rather pleased with my first edition.'

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