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Psychic Night - 20/06/19

Back by popular demand! 💜 ✨

Due to the success of our previous event (and a number of requests), we were very pleased when Yvonne Fielding agreed to come back and host a second Psychic Night at the Ashby Road Sports Club in Hinckley.

The evening was another great success and we would like to say a big thank you to everyone that attended! Massive thanks to our close family and friends that continually help with the organisation and running of events like this. None of it would be possible without the support we receive. Thank you to Yvonne as ghost whisperer, Martin fielding, Sharon Malpass, Steve and Steff Callanan for all your help on the night. You are all amazing!

In total we raised £770 💜 ✨

A special mention to TeamRossy who rounded off the night by presenting us with a whopping £2000 which had been raised at the Ross Emslie's charity weekend! Thank you to all involved in the event for your generosity. 💕 Xxxx

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